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World Exclusive First Casimi C4 Signature Arrives, Plus C3 Signature in The Tree

We are unbelievably excited and proud to have been working with Casimi on a brand new, world exclusive model, The C4 Signature.

Being the first of its kind, it felt only right to spec this astonishing Jumbo out in a master grade set of ‘The Tree’ Mahogany for the back and sides, paired with an absolutely beautiful Moon Spruce top, which has come together in an instrument that had us floored from the moment the case opened.

The staggering detail in every aspect of the guitar captures so much of what makes Casimi’s Signature builds so unique. With their hollow headstock, magnetic bridge, deep Florentine cutaway, soundport, rib and armrest Bevels, it’s both an extremely comfortable and intimate experience to sit with and play the C4 Signature.

It’s hard to talk about this instrument without mentioning the huge, jaw-dropping set of ’The Tree’ Mahogany for the back and sides, big enough to accommodate the Jumbo size of the build while retaining the iconic, flawless figuring throughout. What could be better for the world's first C4?!

In wonderful Casimi Signature-style, the rosette has a special, unique inlay in homage to the land in which 'The Tree' fell, with Mayan themes and outrageously skilled workmanship in tow.

When our dear friend Will McNicol started warming up with the C4 Signature before we began filming, it was clear beyond doubt how truly special this guitar is. The sheer body and power bestowed by the 17” lower bout is like nothing else, but in tandem with the unmistakable Casimi tone, there’s a clarity, a sparkle to the C4 to accompany the huge lows and cascading harmonic overtones that make it the perfect partner to the style, with the intricacies and nuance of Will’s playing and musicality leaping out in perfect harmony.

But the fun did not stop there...

As if one 'The Tree' Mahogany guitar was not enough...We also at the same time received our second Casimi C3 Signature, also in another staggering set of 'The Tree' Mahogany.

This particular instrument, aside from its sonic perfection, also came with all the signature model appointments including hollow headstock, magnetic bridge, deep Florentine cutaway, rib and arm rest bevels and some of the finest inlay work we have seen here at TNAG, including a Tree Frog sound port inlay...

Yet again Casimi guitars surpass all expectation and further solidify their position as two on the finest luthiers in the world. These two guitars have sold, but we have some incredible Casimi Guitars in the build queue, please click here to see our incoming Casimi guitars.

For more information on Casimi Guitars and any of the stunning 'incoming guitars' we have in the build queue please contact us here on +44 207 835 5597 or email us here.

Have a wonderful weekend, and play lots of guitar!

Kind regards


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