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Buendia Guitars

Leonardo Buendia Guitars

We are delighted to welcome Leonardo Buendia to our roster of acoustic luthiers. Leo Buendia is the third Somogyi apprentice to join our luthier line up, following in the footsteps of Jason Kostal and Julian Gaffney.

Leo grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina before moving to the US to study under Ervin Somogyi for three years. During this time, Leo was building his own guitars and continued after his apprenticeship finished, building an excellent reputation in his own right ever since.

 "I come from a culture that places great value on connectivity and conversation.  Admittedly I find great joy in working alone in a very focused and detail oriented way; but it is working with people, and not just wood, that makes this my true calling. The process of discovering together with my clients exactly what it is they want or need, be it over phone calls, visits to the shop, or lunch, is what makes me feel sure that what I’m doing has significance. While my teacher’s lineage is apparent in every guitar I build, my goal is to maintain a beginner’s mind so that every guitar can be as truly unique as its player."

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