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Finance Options


We are delighted to offer LayAway terms for customers wishing to purchase an instrument in instalments at 0% interest with no need for intrusive credit checks or unnecessary private information.   
This could help bring make that guitar of your dreams a reality!
 Why TNAG LayAway?
  • Simply choose your dream instrument and pay a minimum 35% deposit.
  • The guitar is then taken off the TNAG website and placed it in its case and locked away in our office vault.
  • A member of the TNAG team will work with you on a 12 month bespoke payment plan.
  • Then as soon as the balance is cleared we package the instrument and ship it to you for a next day delivery for FREE! Simple!
  • The TNAG LayAway System enables you to invest your money in your dream instrument and not have to be tied to a third party for up to 5 years!
  • Plus you can increase or decrease your monthly payment as and when you need to. Making this system the most flexible payment plan around.
TNAG LayAway Payment System:

- Pay a minimum 35% fully refundable deposit to secure the instrument of your choice by debit card or bank transfer.

- Work out an easy and affordable payment plan with the TNAG Team.

- Interest Free monthly payments.

- No credit checks required.

- Payments can be increased or reduced at any time.


 Cancelling your TNAG LayAway Payment System:

"What do I do if I find myself in a difficult situation and wish to cancel my TNAG Layaway payment plan?"

- We simply cancel the payment plan.

- Return the guitar to our website and stock list.

- Refund the deposit & monthly payments you have made from the date of purchase.

We also accept PayPal Credit, which you can apply for directly in PayPal. You only need to apply for PayPal Credit once, and after that you can then take advantage of using it to pay for any purchase over $99! PayPal Credit is interest-free for the first six months.

For more information on any of our finance options, feel free to call us on 615-383-8947 or email

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